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Medi - Facials

These highly effective treatments are specifically designed for the results driven client. From sun damage to rejuvenation (and everything in between) we’ve got you covered!

Lactic or Glycolic Peel $89.00

Treatment Time:: 45mins 
These intense AHA peels are ideal for skin that needs serious resurfacing – say goodbye to scarring, pigmentation and sun damage. Then soothe and hydrate with a calming mask to say hello to gorgeous glowing skin!

Multi Vitamin Power Peel $99.00

Treatment Time:: 45mins
A powerful lactic and salicylic acid based peel combined with retinol for a serious anti aging punch! Perfect for dull, sun damaged, prematurely aged or pigmented skins. Also includes professional Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque to restore moisture and leave your skin radiant.

Vitamin A & C Rejuvenating Facial $130.00

Treatment time:: 60mins
This intensive resurfacing, brightening facial will refine and replenish your skin from the inside out! Beginning with a professional brush cleanse, followed by a lactic acid peel to shed dead skin and encourage maximum absorption of active ingredients. Then harness the power of sonophoresis to deeply infuse a cocktail of Vit A and C serums and firming peptides. Finishing with a hydrating mask and heavenly scalp massage your skin will continue to glow for weeks after this highperformance treatment.

Collagen Facial $150.00

Treatment Time: 75mins
The perfect pre-party treatment for anyone who wants plumped skin pronto! Enjoy all the benefits of our Anti-Stress facial plus an intensive collagen mask guaranteed to leave your skin firmer, brighter and bursting with hydration.

Microdermabrasion $99.00

Treatment Time:: 45min
Rejuvenate and revive tired dull looking skin by stimulating lymph flow and collagen production whilst promoting new skin growth. Starting with a thorough facial cleanse, followed by an AHA/BHA mini peel to remove excess skin cells, then gently abrade dead cells away with our diamond tip microdermabrasion machine. Finishing up with a soothing mask and specialised moisturiser application - your skin will be bright and satin smooth!

Hydro Microdermabrasion $110.00

Treatment time:: 45mins
Similar to regular Microdermabrasion. Hydro Microdermabrasion provides a deep yet comfortable exfoliation with the added advantage of infusing a serum solution as the skin is abraded. Gentle vacuum pressure lifts the skin to the diamond head providing an effective yet gentle exfoliation that causes less irritation than traditional microdermabrasion. Meanwhile,1 of our 3 AQUAFUSE solutions is infused into the skin to hydrate, treat pigmentation or reduce break outs, whilst cooling the skin and enhancing the end result.

LED Light Therapy $65.00

Treatment time:: 20mins
A painless relaxing treatment which targets various skin conditions using customised coloured light combinations. Tailor made for your needs we can rejuvenate your skin, soften fine lines or heal break outs. Lay under our LED light therapy machine for 20 minutes and your skin will immediately look smoother, firmer and more radiant.

Facials on the Gold Coast

Beauty Services, Skin Rejuvenation Treatments and Facials in the Gold Coast

Book your facials in the Gold Coast with a trusted salon that’s been operational for 20+ years. Our therapists skills are frequently updated to stay up to date with the latest industry developments, whilst using superior devices and products to provide you with the best service possible.

The Benefits of Facials in the Gold Coast

Experience our luxurious, state-of-the-art facial and skincare treatments. We use the latest technologies and international brand products such as Dermalogica, Thalgo, ASAP, and The Beauty Chef. (You can also buy these products from our online shop).

  • Our Medi-Facials are designed to invigorate your skin effectively by treating sun induced and environmental damage. The Dermalogica Ion Active Facial addresses persistent challenges such as ageing, pigmentation, dehydration, and acne to give you visible results immediately. 
  • Our concentrated Vitamin A & C Rejuvenating Facial enhances and replenishes your skin from the inside to resurface and brighten. We start with a brush cleanse and lactic acid peel − to promote active ingredient absorption and remove dead skin, scarring, pigmentation, and sun damage. After that, we infuse peptides with Vitamin A and C serums via sonophoresis, (non-invasive sound wave technology combined with motion energy and warmth), into the deeper skin layers. We complete the treatment with a hydrating mask and scalp massage. 
  • Our Collagen Facial instantly provides you with plumped up, firm, hydrated, and brighter skin. We perform an Anti-Stress Facial before applying the concentrated collagen mask. 

Our skincare products illustrate a striking collaboration between science and nature, merging active plant and marine ingredients with new systematic developments. 

What Sets Be Naturally You Apart Regarding Microdermabrasion in Gold Coast?

This procedure stimulates skin growth, collagen production, and lymph flow to renew faded, tired skin through a process that buffs dead skin cells away to illuminate and revive.

  • Our Microdermabrasion and Hydro Microdermabrasion treatments both start with a thorough cleansing and exfoliating AHA/BHA mini peel. We follow this by lightly abrading dead skin cells with our diamond tip microdermabrasion machine. Finally, we complete the treatment with a soothing mask and then apply a unique moisturiser for a smooth, hydrated complexion. 
  • If you request the Hydro Microdermabrasion, we also infuse a serum solution to hydrate, reduce break-outs or treat pigmentation. At the same time, the dead skin is deeply but gently and comfortably abraded away leaving your skin polished and nourished.
  • Our fully Qualified Dermal Skin Clinic uses MicroPlus ASAP clinical-grade equipment to combine microdermabrasion with Sonophoresis. These tools drastically increase the absorption rate and infusion depth of the nourishing products we deliver into the deeper skin layers.

We will help you to diminish stress, revitalise your skin and refresh your body and mind.

Why You Should Use Be Naturally You - Skin and Body Treatments

We’ve worked in the beauty industry for many years, have extensive knowledge and experience, are continually training and exploring the latest treatments to provide you with exceptional quality. Likewise, we utilise first class products and equipment, and our therapists are professional, friendly, and caring. 
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The luxurious beach side suburbs of the Southern Gold Coast is where you will find Be Naturally You, conveniently located in Palm Beach. With professionals you can trust you will discover cutting edge skin care and luxurious body treatments performed by the best therapists on the Gold Coast.

At Be Naturally You we are dedicated to creating a caring, welcoming environment whilst providing the very best face and body treatments available. Our therapists are highly qualified professionals who partake in continuous training throughout the year. Their knowledge is always kept up to date with the industries ever changing technologies and products to maximise results and bring you the very best services possible.

Our skin care products are the perfect synergy of nature and science, combining marine and plant actives to give you the latest ingredients and developments in professional global products. Our signature treatments are designed to reduce stress, renew skin and rejuvenate your mind and body… We look forward to giving you the total Be Naturally You experience! 

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